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I am on there budget plan at first my payment amount was $60 per month.after the first of the year they raised it to $70 per month.

then in feburary they raised it again to $100 per month. Still paid the correct payment stated on the bill every month. On Feburary 22 I came home from work and found I had run out of propane and what little was left drifted all through my house with the smell. I called on Saturday to find out my account was put on hold.

They say it's because by paying $100/month I won't have my balance of $218.50 paid by May so they won't deliver any more until it's paid. Then on top of that because they never told me to pay more (even thou my pay checks will not' cover my bills anymore)I ran out of propane. I paid what they wanted every month. Now I don't' have any heat or gas for cooking and they want me to pay the $218.50 and another $79.95 for a service charge to check for leaks because I ran out of propane.

It is BULL SH***T. I was on their budget plan and paid my bills every month. I can understand if I didn't pay and was back a month but I wasn't. All because the companies greedy and sh**ts on the hard working american trying to do the right thing.

The CEO of this company should have his/her salary cut let them live on what the average american gets as a paycheck.after all it the average man that busts ther as*** to give his/her their paycheck.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #660024

We are sorry that you were dissatisfied with our service.

Unfortunately, this winter was 30% colder than last year. We typically base budget payments on a combination of projected and historical usage. As we headed into winter and the weather grew significantly colder than in previous years, we were forced to adjust monthly budget payments for some customers upward to meet the increased fuel usage.

We realize that this increase in budget payments was an inconvenience to some customers, but we did so that they would not end up with a large balance owed at the end of the season.

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